Monday, 11 April 2011

Love the Sunshine!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. We were without internet for a week as some pesky thieves stole copper from our local BT exchange.

Anyway last weekend (2nd) was my birthday. Me and Phil went to London for the day. We looked round the shops, on my hit list were Liberty’s, Selfridges and Harrods. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go to Fortnum and Mason so will have to go there next time!

When we arrived we had a well needed coffee and some baked treats (red velvet whoopee pie and Raspberry and White Chocolate cake)

Then we had lunch in China Town...I could easily live of Dim Sum

And got some birthday cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery. I choose red velvet and carrot cake.

I had some serious footwear issues though and my feet were totally destroyed after! Trainers will be worn next time no matter how much I look like a tourist!

This weekend was glorious! It was like summer! We spent most of it in the garden. Yesterday we had a picnic in the garden with my Sister, her partner Ryan, my nephew Connor and our best friends Cat and Tyler. A nice chilled out day with a bit of garden Jenga thrown in!

There are so many things on my To Do List at the moment which I need to go through but here are some:

*Sort through all clothes and shoes and take what we don’t want to charity.
*Make Taggie Blanket- this is a present for a friends baby
*Sort my business admin for Jessica’s Cupcakes
*Make a notice board for the utility room
*Re-stain the garden bench
*Find a small shed/wendy house that I’m going to convert into a large rabbit hutch as I want to get 2 more     rescue rabbits
*Set up another raised bed so I can grow some more veg

That is a snippet of my To Do list and it’s forever growing!

I've had a cold all weekend and feeling pretty rubbish today so my plan after work is to get home, water the plants then get in my Jammies and read some more of my new book which is amazing
The Confessions of Catherine de Medici: A Novel

Jess xx


  1. Mmmmm - Hummingbird!! I love their recipe book - I've learnt most of my baking so far from there, but I would *love* to go to their shop. Must remember next time I'm down in London!

    Ooooh - and if you go to Fortnum and Mason, you MUST pay a visit to the icecream parlour. It's a full-on 50's retro American recreation, and the sundaes are to die for. Well worth a visit! x

  2. Now i'm even more gutted I didn't get to go there!!! Lol. Good excuse for another trip :-)

    HUmmingbird was fab. As a cupcake maker myself I hate buying cakes from shops but Hummingbird was top notch x