Friday, 22 April 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having here. I'm just hoping this doesn't mean the summer will be rubbish!

What is everyone up to this weekend?

Phil and I had a lovely lie in this morning, it was really needed. We have both been ill and mega busy so it was nice to have a good little sleep. We then had a little lunch with the Fam. Right at this moment I am a football widow so thought I'd do a quick blog post and then read a few magazines outside before cooking dinner.

This month I made a major decision. I have become a vegetarian. Quite a few years back I was veggie for 3 years but one day I stopped. But for me as I'm such an animal lover and trying to get involved in as many animal rights things I can I couldn't cope with the guilt any more. So you may see a few vegetarian and vegan recipes on the bloggy. However Phil would never give up meat so there will still be non veggie recipes too :-)

The plants in the garden are coming along nicely. Strawberries are flowering, potatoes are doing well and my little raised bed with carrots, sweetcorn, salad and radishes is flourishing. Hopefully we will get a few more things done this weekend.

Other jobs this weekend is to sort out drawers and clear out the junk and go through all of our clothes.

On Sunday my Sister, Ryan and my Nephew Connor are coming round for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Muffin and Poppy my two gorgeous house bunnies xx


  1. What smashing news - glad to hear you've been having a lovely Bank Holiday (and despite being back in work in between, hopefully a cracking long weekend coming too!), and very pleased to hear you're taking the plunge and going veggie. Logical next step, as you say - and I'm looking forward to lots of exciting recipes!

    Westy xx

  2. Thanks Westy. 5pm Thursday can't come around quick enough! Not holding my breath about having weather like this past weekend though! The Veggie thing is something I've been thinking about for a while and watching the Earthlings video sealed the deal. It was the hardest thing I've ever watched but something I needed to do. Have a watch if you feel you can but it's pretty awful.

    I'll def be posting lots of veggie and vegan recipes.

    Have a great week and weekend :-)