Saturday, 21 January 2012

So glad it's the weekend

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of posts. My broadband has been down for 10 days and only came back on Friday morning and I've had some tough things going on family wise so thanks for bearing with me!

Today was a sorting out day, just general bits and bobs round the house. Then my nephew Connor came over and we went for a long walk round the farm. He loved it, we saw a deer and got a bag full of clay pigeons which he had never seen before! For those who don't know they are clay disc that are projected in the air for people to shoot. I much prefer this than animals being shot at! Below is a picture of a clay pigeon.

So after this little update I'll be making red curry (Tofu for me and beef for Phil) with rice noodles and then I think a night snuggled on the sofa watching a film sounds like a great idea!

I also need to finish off the meal plan for next week. Having to be really careful with money at the moment. With me leaving my last job and working for myself things will be even tougher for a while. And the 10 days without broadband meant I couldn't do a lot.
So meals are going to be pretty basic, veg, jacket potatoes, pasta dishes etc. Maybe the magic money fairy could drop some pennies by? Well more than pennies....

I'm just going to read a few of my fave blogs as not had much of a chance with the broadband down and I have withdrawal symptoms!

Bedtime Reading
30 days, 30 ways to build self confidence

As there aren't many pictures to share apart from the uber boring clay pigeon one! Here is something cute :)

Jess xx

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