Saturday, 28 January 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 2: What I wore today

Hi guys, good to see a few more people joining in with the challenge. Remember to post below if you do join in :) Here is the first post with the picture on explaining what you need to take pictures of.

So today's picture was "What I wore today"

As one of my businesses is Jessica's Cupcakes I had a large order to do today so I wore jeans, white t-shirt and my apron! Not very exiting sorry!!!!

This week I've been so busy. As most of you know I left my day job in December to carry on with my cake business and have also set up my Virtual Assistant business. I've been so busy working very late into the night. And no rest today. But looking forward to a chill out tonight and staying off the computer!

In health terms I've started back on the exercise wagon and on Tuesday I'm joining a circuit class. It's run by another local business Michael at Flexercise. I'm really looking forward to it.

I've put a little plan together which will change around a bit depending on schedule and how I'm feeling but as a guide here is what I have:

Turbo Fire
Circuit Training
Yoga/ Resistance
TurboFire HIIT

Do you know what I'm really happy about? This....

Almond milk! I love Almond milk, it's my favourite DF milk but the issue was that I could only get it in the health shop. Which means a trip into town which I don't do every week and it cost over £3! But now Sainsbury's are selling it! So no special trips to make and it's only £1.79. Lots cheaper :)

Right I'm off to spend the evening with my scrummy man.

I'll leave you with a couple pics from the furries.


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