Wednesday, 25 May 2011

First Strawberry of the year! And Welcome to Elliot.

Hi Guys,
It’s a lovely day here in Oxfordshire-I’m hoping it’s the start of the heat wave :-)

Yesterday I met a very special boy called Elliot. Catherine had this little bundle of cuteness on Sunday and he is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to babysitting!!!

We go on our holiday to Cornwall on Saturday so this week I’ve had so much to do and I still have so much to do. I need to get it all done tonight and tomorrow night. I’ve also got to do a giant cupcake this evening but they are fun to do so I don’t mind!

I ate my first strawberry that I’ve grown at the new house. Totally delish. I’m using strawberry planter bags. They are handy but the ones in the bottom don’t seem to grow as well so not sure if I will use them next year.
Potatoes are also coming along nicely. I cannot wait to eat one of those bad boys- I’m feeling the potato and mint pea salad vibe :-)

At the weekend I did one big job which I’ve been meaning to do for ages- the flower bed at the front of the house. I did one side a while ago and the other one which had basically become part of the grass took a while. Some person who lived there previously thought it was a good idea to bury rock, toy cars, bones and broken pots in there. So after much removing of said things I mixed in some manure and compost and finished it off with top soil. At the moment I just have a sunflower, viola and a very early stage dahlia planted. So lots more to go int.

Another massive job which I want to do over the summer is to make a vegetable patch out of an overgrown old blackberry patch. It looks messy and the blackberry plants are seriously passed it. Not looking forward to pulling those thorny so & so’s out!

Sorry about the lack of pics. I had trouble uploading them so I'll try and do it tomorrow :-)

Anyway I’ll be back with a recipe post soon!

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