Thursday, 5 May 2011


It's nearly the weekend! And I can't wait. After all these bank holidays I'm not used to working all week :-)

I'll start this post by mentioning that some people may not like it. The video I'll be posting is upsetting.

Now why would I put an upsetting video on my blog? Well I truly believe people need to see it. So many people shy away from these things. I'm not trying to preach to people to become vegetarian/vegan but It has affected me so much and totally made me look at how I live my life I felt the need to share.  So if this is not something for you I apologise but please come back as not all posts will be like this. It just one post  I wanted to do and if it maybe impacts just one person in a good way then I'll be happy. But some people may watch it and it might not change them but they will be a little more informed and that's ok too.

I urge you to try and watch it, it will be hard but I feel it is important.

Here is the synopsis on their website:

Earthlings is a powerful and informative documentary about society’s treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby. This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a better place

And here is the link to the film

I'll be back with some yummy recipes soon :-)

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