Monday, 6 June 2011

Back from Holiday and lots to do!

Last week we had a family holiday in Tintagel Cornwall for my Dad's 50th. He booked out a B&B for all of us and it was fab. So great to spend time with all the family. It went by far too quickly though!! Tintagel is a wonderful place, beautiful scenery and great beaches.

I also love getting wrapped up in the romance of the King Arthur legend!

While I was on holiday I read a book a friend lent me called Room. All I will say is you have to read it. I read the entire book in one sitting. I was gripped. I love it when I come across a book that you just cannot put down or forget and this is one of the few. Just read it...seriously.

Ok so this week a few things have progressed in the garden.Under the willow tree is now cleared and ready to plant some flowers once the time is right. I've planted some more veg including courgettes, chilli's and radish. Next to do is romaine lettuce and rhubarb! My sweet peas are also blooming! They are one of my favourite flowers and scent. They are also the flower of my birth month so I'm putting them all around the garden! While these little beauties are in flower there will be jam jars filled with sweet peas all around the house!

A few crafts I did over the weekend were to make some more fabric hanging hearts- I need to go steady on these as they could take over the whole house! A decorative patchwork cushion and a Pyjama bag. I'll be posting tutorials on these soon :-)

This week I need to get a hold on my to do list and seriously prioritise, there are things that have been nagging at me for ages but I've just left them. So it's my mission to get as many of these things out the way as possible!!!

I've had some bad news on the job front as my office is relocating so I'm back on the job search. I was hoping 2011 would be a year we could start fresh but it seems not just yet. However I believe everything happens for a reason so I'm remaining positive.


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