Thursday, 19 May 2011

I swear I thought it was Friday

When i woke up this morning I was convinced it was friday. I even asked the bin men why they were here on a Friday. They responded "It's Thursday luv". i feel like an idiot!

Anyway lots of plans this weekend. I have lots on my to-do list and I need to pull my finger out and get them done as we go on holiday next weekend :-)

Here are a few things that need doing:

* Much cleaning- I am not listing everything, there is just too much
* Buy compost to do some more planting
* Buy some new variety of roses to plant
* Have a look round the local reclaimation yard for some wood to make some more rasied bed
* Clean the rabbits
* Order supplies for cupcakes
* Source more teapots for the china hire collection
* Put in a new flower bed at the front of the house
* Put shelf up in bedroom (Phil can do that)
* Meal plans for next week and order food shopping
* Fit in a bit of me time by reading my book and catching up on some blogs

There is a lot more to this list but I'm not putting everything down!

I'm aware I haven't put any craft projects on my new blog yet-I'm in the process of trying to get some up but time has been very short in my house and it always gets put to the bottom of the list :-(

What are your plans for the weekend?

Picture for today is Bumper a resident at Peaceful Prairie Sanctury. You can read his story here.



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