Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekly Meal Plan W/C 28th March 2011

Making meal plans helps me stick to a budget and takes the stress out of deciding what to make for dinner once I get back form work. Sometimes it will change if we don't fancy it that particular night or we get invited out for dinner etc but the majority of the time we stick to the plan. I'll try and post my weekly meal plans as it might give you some ideas :-) Some of them will link to my recipes and some to recipes I have found elsewhere.

Monday- Courgette, turkey and potato frittata
Tuesday- Tuna fishcakes and salad
Wednesday- Chicken Salad
Thursday- Singapore noodles
Friday-Chicken Chow Mein
Saturday- Meal out- it's my birthday so we are off to London for the day and I don't want to cook on my birthday!
Sunday- Roast dinner (chicken)

Poppy has the vets tomorrow for her check up and booster jabs. Bless her. The 2 rabbits and 2 cats know something is going on as the pet carrier has be brought in.

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