Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Housework 101- March 2011

Now I'm not professing to be an expert or a clean freak but I'm always having people pop in and I can't stand it if things are messy. As with many people having a full-time job and running a business/kids etc things can get on top of people and before you know it you have a need for a cleaning blitz!

This post is a few tips/ideas to help towards a cleaner/tidier home. There will be more posts on this topic so this list is not exhaustive!

1. Ensure the washing up is done every night and then clean the sink. Just a 30 second once over to stop it getting really grimy. It's never nice to wake up to a pile of washing up!

2. Buy a storage basket to keep in the hallway or wherever you seem to have a build up of items that people haven't put away. Normally this is on our kitchen side. I got my basket for £6.99 from InStore and have placed it in my hallway and I can put everything that is left out in there and then take it up when I have a bit of time to put things away. This way instead of my kitchen worktop becoming a dumping ground it looks much tidier when an unexpected guest pops round.

3. Before or after cleaning your teeth give the sink and sides a quick clean. Cleaning wipes are excellent for this. It takes less than one minute to do. I have a staff of these wipes in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.

4. Get up 15-30 minutes earlier- are you really going to miss it that much? You can do an extra few jobs in that time and leave less for when you finish work or having a long list of things to do at the weekend. Of course some people may want to miss out this tip...

5. Make your bed as soon as you wake up- before you do anything else.

6.Buy fresh flowers. I usually get some at the weekend and most last all week as long if water is freshened. Flowers are such a simple way of adding decoration and instantly lifts a room- and a natural air freshener too! You don't have to buy expensive flowers. I sometimes buy the £2 carnations or pick some from the garden. I particularly like flowers in a washed out jam jar.

7. When you are short of time try to just focus on the rooms that will be seen by visitors. Usually the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Just don't leave the other rooms too long!

8.  Each month choose a room to have a sort out. And if you can; get rid of 5 things (carboot or charity shop before the bin). Be ruthless. Do you really need it? When was the last time you used it? It can make space for other things you might want to get. Then once you have done that do a bit more of a deeper clean by doing the skirting board, dusting ornaments/picture frames and wiping shelves. It saves doing all the rooms at a later stage- normally when we are rushing for a party/occasion or a guest staying.

I hope some of these tips have been useful. Please let me know any tips you use.


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