Monday, 21 March 2011

Gardening- Spring 1

Monday already! Weekends go by far too quickly.

As I've mentioned we moved into our new house in September 2010 and hadn't really done anything in the garden. Well we have started! Here is what we got up to.

The front flower bed was totally over grown with weeds and had a horrid thorn bush in it- sorry I don't have a before picture. I got everything out of the bed, forked over the soil and added a couple of fertiliser pellets. I then planted some violas and primroses to give some instant colour. I also planted some tulip and Iris bulbs and some sweet peas. I also added a few novelty gnomes and a hanging basket above the door!

Around the back I've got the following in containers: Jamie Oliver mixture of herbs, Jamie Oliver mixed salad and a climbing rose.

Phil also put the raised bed together. I've not put anything in it yet as I need to put another bag of compost in. But in this one I plan to have sweetcorn, carrots and radishes in. I will be getting another one as well so I can get some more in. The pic below show's Phil putting the weed blanket on the underneath. I will take another picture once I have put some veggies in there!

Lastly I put my potatoes into bags. Last year I used large containers but this year I'm trying the bags as they have a velcro opening which makes it easier to get them out. I did two varieties of Jamie Oliver- Smile and Pixie.

So we've started a few things, lots more to do! Daisy helped too!

We ended the day with a roast dinner at The Great Western Arms for Phil's Birthday. Happy Birthday babe.

Jess xx

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  1. you simply can't beat growing your own potatoes!!! Best taste ever!x