Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Do you set goals?

I'm a list person. I have lists for everything. I have lists for lists. Some people may say I'm a control freak, and yeah I suppose am a little. But lists help me first of all think of the things I need/want to get done. The actual writing of the list jogs my memory. I have daily lists which has a few things I want/need to get done that day. I have a weekly list a weekend list and then a master to do list! I also have lists for the home, garden, my business, my day job and my personal health/happiness. Ok now I've written that out I sound a lot like a control freak!

Anyway this brings me onto my point. Over at The Fitnessista Gina was talking about her monthly goals which has now got me inspired to do mine. So each month I'm going to have 3 goals and at the end of that month review if I have done them. So here are my first ones:

September 2011 Goals

  • Plan and hold a dinner party. For a couple of reasons. I love socialising with friends and sometimes we get so bogged down with to do lists  life that so much time can go by without spending quality time with loved ones. I also want to share the fact that Vegan food can be delicious. Some people think I'm losing out by being Vegan. I don't see it that way at all so I want to try and get that message across.

  • Go Swimming. When I was younger I swam competitively. At one point I was going to make a career out of it but then I decided that wasn't what I wanted. But I love swimming so want to get back in the pool to experience that again- and of course it will mean more exercise.

  • Meditate. When i take the time to meditate I feel so much better. As a lot of people I'm always on the go, there is always something to do and come the weekend I'm totally exhausted mentally and physically. I'm not going to put that I'm going to meditate every day but I want to commit to at least twice every week.
So those are my goals for September. Are you making any? Please let me know via the comments if you are :-)

I'll leave you with this page I found Via Stumble Upon.

Jess xx

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  1. Hello forom a fellow list maker :) I too make lists for everything and last month started a list of things I want to achieve each season, i think it is a great idea and also a bit of fun not controling at all. Good luck with September's list xxxx