Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide

The holidays are coming! I'm so excited about Christmas. I can't wait to have some time off and spend it relaxing  with friends and family.

Christmas shopping however is sometimes not fun. We went to Milton Keynes on Saturday and I only got two things, each shop was so busy that it was pointless. Luckily I have done most of mine online- thank god for the internet. I thought I'd put a little gift guide together, some of these things I already have and some would definitely be on my list!

1. Sony reader EBook. I have one of these and it's fab. I love reading and don't get me wrong nothing beats reading from a "real" book but these are so handy to just load up and take wherever you are going- holiday, business trip, commute on the train etc. I suppose the Kindle should be included in this as they essentially serve the same purpose but only having the Ebook myself I can only really recommend that one!

2. Kitchen Aid- I have wanted one for ages! Not only would it be of great benefit running my own cake business but it is pure kitchen porn.

3. Michael Bublè Christmas album- I've had this a week and I love it. It really makes me feel all christmassy and there is nothing better than sitting by the fire with a glass of wine whilst Mr Bublè sings some great classics. EDIT: after careful consideration I have also decided the "porn" comment also applies here :)

4. Estee Lauder Double wear foundation- I've tried many foundations in my time and this is in my opinion the best, great coverage and stays put all day. Bit more pricey around the £26 mark but worth every penny.

5. Peas and Thank You Cookbook- When I went Vegan Sarah Matheny's blog Peas and Thank You really helped me transition to great, yummy healthy vegan meals that were super easy to do. I still read her blog everyday and she has some fantastic recipes on there but as soon as her book came out I ordered it. I use the recipes at least 2-3 times per week. Some of my favourites are "Meaty" Green Bean Casserole, Black bean burgers, Anytime cookies, Mac and Cheeze and German Chocolate cake :)

So there are a couple of things to have a think about as gifts for your loved ones or to maybe add to your own list!!!!



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