Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend almost over again

Hi guys, the weekends seem to just go by too quickly. I never seem to get everything I want to done!

I'm trying to wizz through things I want to get done. And also set aside some time to focus on the things I love doing like sewing and drawing.

Here are some of the things I want to get done:

* Research wedding cake classes. At the moment with Jessica's Cupcakes I do cupcakes and top cutting cakes. I want to branch out into big wedding cakes but want to do a course somewhere.

*Sort out our finances and monthly budgets

*Start  planning for Xmas (I love Xmas!!)

*Have a look at photoshop courses/books. This is something I want to use more to bring in some extra money into the business.

*Finish the veg patch Phil has started

*Collect more china for the Vintage China hire part of the business and properly launch the tea party packages

*Make some more sewing crafts for the home. I never seem to have time at the moment but I need to make sure I set aside some time as it's something I enjoy.

*Do a sort out and ebay/car-boot to make room and make a few extra pennies.

There are a million other things I could put on here but I won't bore you!

I made some Oreo Balls from How Sweet it is yesterday. Phil loved them! And yes they have all gone, and yes he wants me to make more tomorrow. Try them out!

Here is our meal plan for this week (It can change but we stick to it as best we can)

Mon- Spaghetti Bolagnase for Phil and Meatless Meatballs and Spaghetti for me
Tues- Veg pasta bake
Wed- Pesto Pasta
Thurs- Garlic chicken, Veg and potatoes (Phil) Tofu Udon stirfry (me)
Fri- Satay Tofu
Sat- Homemade pizza
Sun- Sweet and Sour Pork (Phil) and Sweet and Sour Tofu (me)

Right bed time!


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  1. Hi Hun, nice blog, just found it through your facebook link! Sorry to hear about your poor little bunny, how sad :-( I know this entry was a while ago but noticed you wanted some Photoshop stuff done. Is this still the case? I photoshop for a living as well as marketing, designing and branding so if you were looking for someone to give you hand we should have a chat! :-) Lots of love, Lou xx