Friday, 3 August 2012

NAT Origin Review

A little while ago I was given a few samples from the NAT Origin range. Being a Vegan/Veggie they appealed to me as they are fully approved by the Vegetarian Society. (They are not vegan as some of the products use Beeswax). The NAT Origin products are also especially good if you suffer from allergies. Apparently NAT Origin are currently the only cosmetics and skincare range to hold the Allergy Friendly Product Award.

The products I have used over the past few week are: Pencil Eyeliner, Hand & Nail Cream, Firming Anti-wrinkle cream and Detoxifying Moisturiser.

Both the wrinkle cream and moisturiser felt great on my skin and I had no breakouts at all (I suffer pretty badly from them). I used the wrinkle cream and night and the moisturiser in the morning. The products don't really have a smell which I actually preferred. My skin really did feel moisturised after applying it. The only thing I'd mention is that I would not use it as a lightweight moisturiser as it took a little while to fully sink in. But was great for a more intensive treatment.

The hand cream I have to admit I am a nightmare with handcream. I do really need to use one as being a cake maker I wash my hands a lot but I just forget to put it on! So I only used it a couple of times. When I did I felt it made a difference and soothed my hands.

Now onto my favourite. The eyeliner. I wear eyeliner everyday. I used to be an eyeliner snob paying £20 for one in the past. I was a little sceptical of this one (due to my snobbery) but I love it. I have it in the brown and I can't wait to get a black one. It glides on easily and can be smudged if you want or stays in place if you want it to. Easy to build up if you want it thicker. It defined my eyes well and also lasted pretty well in water. It did not irritate my eyes at all (a few of the high-street brands do).

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  1. Thanks Jessica for these great reviews of my products!